Common, Book 1 in the Lora Fletcher Chronicles is live on! It'll be live as a paperback soon. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Origins of a Criminal Mind is where Jake figures out how to be a bad, bad guy.  Read this short story here!

Read Sean's POV in the short story, Wildfire. He's not thrilled to be getting a new roommate, and he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for in the process...

Andrea Irving has been writing for practically her whole life.  She started off in her own little fantasy worlds, but has been spending much of her recent time having nightmares while writing YA horror. She is happy to be bringing YA fantasy back into her repertoire. A physician and college professor by day, her previous publications were purely scientific. She is very happy to finally be sharing her more creative works with the world.  Andrea lives and works in the Phoenix, AZ area with her husband and two sons.

Wildfire, Book 1 in The Program series, is live on! Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


“Now that you’ve mastered those child’s parlor tricks, would you care to learn to light your sword on fire?” Lord Michael said from behind her.

​-Except from Common

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